sector spertrack中文意思是什麼

sector spertrack解釋

  • sector: n. 1. 【數學】扇形(面)。2. 函數尺;兩腳規。3. 防(御分)區;扇形戰區;方面戰區;陣線。4. 【機械工程】扇形齒輪。

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  1. Only the affluent countries have been able to organize such entities, both in the public and the private sector.

  2. On the basis of the positive results of a feasibility study in 1996 as well as general support from the banking sector for further automation of the process of submission of banking returns, the hkma proceeded with the design of a submission through electronic transmission stet system

  3. A sector of a cylindrical capacitor may thus be utilized as an energy filter.

  4. The world bank recently pointed to the tourism sector as being the one with most potential for development in cape verde

  5. Married to one sector of a club road in the civilian clothes, had two sons, four live in a constant motif in general life