securities issue中文意思是什麼

securities issue解釋

  • securities: 期貨
  • issue: n 1 出口;河口。2 結果,結局;成績。3 收獲,收益。4 頒布,發行;發行額;發行物。5 流出,(血、水...

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  1. Securitization of bank assets refers to combined management and investment activities in which commercial banks, by making use of the legally representable nature of their credit assets and other claimable credits, put certain assets into asset - pools, issue asset - backed securities backed by the assets in the pools in order to transform the illiquid credit assets into cash assets. then the asset - backed securities are entrusted. upon the expiration of the securities ’ terms, the underlying assets are realized to repay the principals and interests of the securities

  2. The author just from the aspect of the administrative law, do some analysis and discussion about the system of government regulation of the securities issue market in china

  3. Law liability of false report of china ' s special media agencies in securities issue

  4. Bauhinia mbs limited hk 1, 000, 000, 000 mortgage backed securities issue under us 3 billion mortgage - backed securitisation programme

    Bauhinia mbs limited根據30億美元按揭證券化計劃發行
  5. These all are to deserve something to affirm. but, the system of government regulation of securities issue market is still having the place of improvement