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  • security: n 1 安全(感);安穩;穩妥;平安。2 確實;確信;把握;可靠性;安心。3 【軍事】防禦物。4 保護;防...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • surveillance: n. 【法律】監視,管制。 under surveillance 在管制[監視]下。
  • equipment: n. 1. 〈常 pl. 〉設備,裝備,配件,配備物品。2. (一個企業除房地產以外的)固定資產。3. (工作必需的)知識,技能,修養。4. (火車)車輛;(汽車等)運輸配備。

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  1. " it is a gated community, " with a security guard at the gate and surveillance cameras, she said, adding " you have to use a special key to get in.

  2. There are many reasons such as the outburst of gas, penetrator, wrong operation, disabled monitor and malfunction from equipments etc. except man - made and outburst accidents, equipments malfunction takes great proportionment. therefore, a complete security and real - time monitor system of a coal mine based on large equipment is urgent to be development for high frequency of mine accidents

  3. Based on the description of the objective and principle of modern bulk cargo wharf production and operation management system ' s construction, this paper gives an exposition on the innovative technique of " the system ", so as to realize automation of wharf production and digitization of operation management, and at last to realize high production efficiency, high management level, high system security, low energy consumption, and low equipment failure for bulk cargo wharf production and operation system

  4. One of the research and developing hotspots on oil monitoring is study on the online oil monitoring sensor, because it is useful for us to monitor the equipment, which operates hour after hour, the equipment require good security and important equipment real time

  5. As the need for advanced security and surveillance solutions grows, organizations are investing in ip video technology in an effort to take advantage of more robust camera functionality, obtain higher quality video and larger format images