sei standby engine indicator中文意思是什麼

sei standby engine indicator解釋

  • sei: 北京思旺電子技術有限公司
  • standby: 1. (緊急時的)可依靠(的人物),助力。2. 【軍事】一級戰斗準備。3. 備用品,備用設備。4. 救援船隻。5. 黨羽。6. 【無線電】(呼號)準備發報[收報]。
  • engine: n. 1. 機械,機器。2. 引擎,蒸汽機,發動機。3. 機車,車頭。4. 工具;〈古語〉方法,手段。vt. 給…安裝發動機。
  • indicator: n. 1. 指示者;指示物;標識。2. 【化學】指示劑。3. 【機械工程】指示器,示功器。

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  1. We can get many physical parameters through indicator diagram acquired in the experiment. such as indicator work, mean indicated pressure, maximal pressure and corresponding crank angle, maximal rate of pressure rise and corresponding crank angle and mass fraction burned, heat release rate, etc. these physical parameters can analyze and show primary in - cylinder combustion process in engine

  2. Taking the roles of suppliers and fuzzy synthesis e valuation into consideration, integrated performance indicator was determined by aggregating evaluation class of its supplier and the standby design scheme

  3. The rigs indlude special carrier ( developed by our company ), engine, hydraulic transmission, right angle gearbox, single ( double ) drum drawwork, rotary table transmission box, hydraulic drawworks, front and rear supporting frame, double - section hydraulic telescopic mast, crownblock, travelling hool, weight indicator, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical system, etc

  4. When the subwoofer is on ( i. e, the on / standby indicator lights up green ) and there is no signal input for a few minutes, the on / standby indicator changes to red and the subwoofer enters power saving mode

    在此模式時,如果有信號輸入到副低音揚聲器,副低音揚聲器便可自動地打開電源(自動電源開關功能) 。
  5. Verification regulation of the diesel engine peak pressure indicator