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  • seismic: adj 地震(性)的;由地震引起的;易生地震的。 a seismic area 震域;震區。 the seismic centre [focu...
  • curie: n 1 居里〈姓氏〉。2 Marie Curie居里夫人〈1867 1934,著名女物理學家〉。3 Pierre Curie皮埃爾居里〈1...
  • surface: n 1 表面;地面;水面;廣場,空地。2 外觀,外表,皮毛。3 【幾】面;切口;【航空】翼面。adj 表面的...

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  1. To do the investigating and studying work about the achievements of tackling key problem of the quondam exploration of front - zone of mountain, to analyze and study the applicability about the gathering technology used in the seismic exploration of the complicated construction belt of front - zone of mountainous ; 2. combining the quondam achievements, researching the design method of observation system objective of the complicated construction belt based on seismic - geology model, firstly, building the surface level and deep layer seismic - geology model of complicated construction belt and analyzing the forward model, secondly, designing the observation system aiming at the overthrust nappe structure in section and in area ; 3. aiming at the complicated earth ' s surface condition of front - zone of mountain, how to select the exciting method and the parameter, how to optimize the environment of exciting method and reception, how to pledge the normal combination of the datum of different exciting method ; 4

    根據山前帶的地震地質條件特點,本文主要研究了以下幾個方面的內容: 1 、對以往山前帶地震攻關成果開展調研工作,分析研究在山地山前復雜構造帶所採用的地震勘探採集技術的適用性; 2 、研究基於地震地質模型的復雜構造帶觀測系統目標設計方法:如何建立復雜構造帶的表層、深層地震地質模型,利用正演分析目標區的觀測系統;針對逆掩推覆體構造,如何分區分段有針對性設計觀測系統等; 3 、針對復雜地表條件的山地山前帶,如何選擇激發方式、參數,如何優選激發、接收環境,如何保證不同激發方式的資料能正常拼接; 4 、山前帶巨厚礫石區的表層結構調查技術及靜校正方法研究。
  2. We shall also consider the two types of surface waves, rayleigh waves and love waves, most widely observed in seismic prospecting and earthquake seismology.

  3. In the first step. 2861 surface wave recordings with seismic magnitude over 5. 0 are selected under the criteria of good - wave and " intact recording ", calculating the big - circle paths, and then about 284 two - station pairs of which two stations are along the same big - circle are chosen, among them there are about 260 pairs with difference of forward azimuth angle less than 5 ?. after further optimizing, 223 pairs which perfectly cover the china area are used in the final calculation

  4. The dependence of the curie temperature on the thickness of the film, the surface interaction and the transverse field are investigated

  5. The dielectric constant of srtio3 ( sto ) thin films is voltage - dependent near the curie temperature tc ( about 40k ). and no dispersion in is observed in sto at frequencies up to 10 ghz. yba2cu3o7 - x ( ybco ) high temperature superconducting thin film has very low microwave surface resistance

    Srtio3 ( sto )薄膜在其居里溫度附近( ~ 40k )具有介電常數隨電場強度變化而變化的性質,同時sto在10ghz以下介電常數沒有頻率色散性。