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  • seismic: adj 地震(性)的;由地震引起的;易生地震的。 a seismic area 震域;震區。 the seismic centre [focu...
  • resistance: n. 1. 抵抗,反抗,抗拒,抵禦;敵對,抵抗力,反抗力,阻力,【生物學】抗病性。2. 【電學】電阻;阻抗;電阻器。

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  1. Stability of seismic resistance and dynamic response analysis for ash dams. by psedo - static analysis and seismic dynamic response analysis with fem, safety coefficient under designed seismic force, stress, strain and acceleration amplification factor have been provided. based on upper analysis, related computing program has been provided. by applying it to the ash dams of qinghe power plant, good agreement has been found between calculation results and real conditions

  2. Failure or even collapse of bridge structures in past earthquakes were largely. in particular, shear failure of short bridge pier columns is the most dangerous failure pattern due to the brittle nature. consequently, it is quite meaningful to study the seismic resistance performance and retrofitting for reducing bridge damages and losses

  3. In this paper, from the angle of seismic resistance, the parametric sensitivity of the fluid viscous dampers to be used for the bridge is studied in details, and relevant proposals for the dampers are made as well

  4. In order to study actuality of cfst arch bridge, based on the investigative result of " total bridge model test of chunan nanpu bridge ", the nonlinear structural internal forces, nonlinear stability and seismic resistance of large span cfst arch bridge have been studied in this paper

  5. So push - over method can be applied to evaluate bridge structure seismic resistance capacity and damage degree. the influence of p - a effect of bridges is discussed in detail

    對一定形式的橋梁結構可以用push - over分析方法進行結構抗震能力評定,其結果準確、可靠。