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  • self: n (pl selves )1 自己;自身;本身;【哲學】自我;我。2 本性;本質。3 私利;私心,私慾。4 〈俗〉...
  • oscillator: n. 1. 搖擺者。2. 【電學】振蕩器,振動器,振動子,振動部。

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  1. During the circuit design, the author analyzed the basic principle of the direct current motor, pwm control, h - bridge power driver, and two control techniques of h - bridge power drive circuit, designed its general structure, so the feasibility of the design is confirmed. then, reference, oscillator, power dmos gate drive circuit ( charge pump, bootstrap ), and dead time generation circuit are designed and analyzed in the sub - circuits. a current - controlled oscillator is presented in this thesis

    在電路設計中,作者介紹了直流電機的工作原理和數學模型、脈寬調制( pwm )控制原理、 h橋電路基本原理和h橋功率驅動電路的兩種控制模式,設計了驅動電路的總體結構,給出了電路的功能模塊,確定了設計的可行性,然後在子電路模塊中,重點分析設計了基準源電路、振蕩器電路、高端功率管柵驅動電路(電荷泵及自舉電路) 、低端功率管柵驅動電路和死區時間產生電路。
  2. The system parameters are developed at the same time, and some universal conclusions on the theoretical analysis of pll are reached. then, we have carried on analysis and research to the theory of differential delay ring voltage controlled oscillator ( vco ). on this basis, a improved differential delay ring vco with more efficient loads is described. this circuit has been designed and implemented in 0. 35 m cmos technology

  3. 8 but since we belong to the day, let us be self - controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet

  4. Mass - controlled oscillator

  5. The end of all things is near. therefore be clear minded and self - controlled so that you can pray