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  • self: n (pl selves )1 自己;自身;本身;【哲學】自我;我。2 本性;本質。3 私利;私心,私慾。4 〈俗〉...
  • excitation: n. 1. 刺激,興奮,激發,鼓舞。2. 【物理學】激發;【電學】激勵、勵磁。3. 【植物;植物學】激感(現象)。
  • generator: n 1 產生者,生殖者,創始者。2 發電機,發生器。3 【音樂】基礎低音。4 = generatrix a D C generator...

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  1. Machine with inherent self excitation

  2. Abstract : the paper presents the study on problems of self - excitation , over - voltage , frequency and voltage stability , organizational measures and arrangement in the course of black start and restoration of the system. through simulation of black start on east china power system , above problems are analyzed and solved , it shows that working out strict black start scheme may not only speed up system restoration , reduce outage losses , but also have important significance to emergency release or power system islanding

  3. This thesis comes from the technological innovation project 2002 in xi ' an. the research is focused on the adaptive hybrid excitation synchronous generator system with constant output voltage. in order to keep the output voltage constant, the adaptive control is introduced in the digital voltage regulator of the generator system

  4. The stability of self - excitation vibration in the main gearing train of the first rolling mill

  5. Using opnet simulation tools, the thesis presents a self - similar traffic generator model which is used for the actual umts network. the simulation results verify the correctness of the