semi-direct luminaire中文意思是什麼

semi-direct luminaire解釋

  • semi: n. 1. 〈口語〉=semitrailer. 2. 〈英俗〉半獨立式住宅。
  • direct: adj 1 筆直的,一直線的;正面的。2 直接的。3 直截了當的,直率的,明白的。4 直系的,正統的。5 【語...
  • luminaire: n. 【物理學】泛光燈[發光、照明]設備;光源。

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  1. Subsequently by taking “ ancient - style poems ” as center, make an exploration into the acceptant condition of traditional poems collection to canons in the preceding dynasties at the time of “ canon ” being established, from a comprehensive view by editor ' s selection basis, arrangement of collection and readers ' acceptability : among which the “ ancient poems collection ” to the superficial succession and meaning transfer of tu ' s poems canon as well as to the polemic interpretation and conclusion of five - character and seven - character poems canon, and the acceptability and misreading of “ poems of transcription in modern style ” in the mid of ching dynasty to “ ancient poems collection ”, all of which are sufficient to verify the alternative of “ canon ” for traditional poems collection that most of them adopt measures of succeeding canon in early times first, then making an increase and reduction ; while the selection of canon takes “ direct variation of polemics ” as premise, followed by a consideration of degree of art values ; it can be the concrete index of trend to make comments on poems on the selection and interpretation of canon for masters of each school

  2. And climatic variation is a main factor affecting desertification. the sustained period of water deficit is a direct cause of desertification in arid and semi - arid areas. the tectonic activities of lithosphere control the distribution of desertification by constructing geomorphology

  3. On the 30th i took a direct train to wuhan. new train, all sleeping berths, non - stop, semi - open rooms, . nice but less space for luggage

  4. The study adopt a series of tool of pra method, such as semi - structured interview, group interview, direct sorting, and household sorting, based on data from 687 rural households in 25 counties of 6 provinces covering jilin, shandong, shaanxi, shanxi, sichuan and guangxi

  5. While in traditional elasticity mechanics, we make our best to eliminate the unknown variables and can get the simplest equation in a brief form. at the same time, the rank of equation is increased, so we cannot solve the equation by direct method and have to resort to semi - converse method