semicircular domain中文意思是什麼

semicircular domain解釋

  • semicircular: adj. 半圓形的。
  • domain: n 1 領土,版圖;領地。2 管區,勢力圈;(特定動物等的)生長圈;(學問、活動等的)領域,范圍;【物...

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  1. A study of adjunction in the domain of reading

  2. Secondly the major mechanisms of degeneration of pcss are caused by both the filamentary nature of the current in high - gain pcss damage to the chip of the switch and the charge domain reached the anticathode causes the erosion of metal interface

  3. Methods : an artificial gene for fl extracellular domain cdna was synthesized by using favored genetic codons of pichia pastroris. by inserting human fl extracellular domain cdna coding 156 amino acid resi dues into pichia pastoris expression vector ppic9k containing aox1 promoter and the sequences of alpha secreting signal peptides, a recombinant expression plasmid ppic9k - fl was constructed, and integrated into the alcohol oxidase region of the host genome

    為了提高外源基因的表達量,我們根據畢赤氏酵母偏愛密碼子人工合成了編碼fl胞外區156個氨基酸的cdna序列,目的序列被定向克隆到酵母分泌型表達載體ppic9k質粒上,構建ppic9k - fl表達質粒。
  4. It is further indicated by the fusion of various geo - factors that the major targets include gold - bearing limonitic cataclastic rock in ningwei domain, auriferous quartz in nanhua mountain and xihua mountain domain, where the 50 - 85 strike mylonite and sulfur - bearing quartz - calcite veins of cataclastic rock is the prior ore - search targets

    同時,通過多源地學因素的融合還顯示,寧衛地區找金的主攻對象以含金褐鐵礦化碎裂巖為主,南華山、西華山地區以脈型金礦為主,且重點應在50 - 85度方向糜棱巖、碎裂巖帶中尋找含硫化物的石英-方解石脈。
  5. The if detection software is developed under the platform of lab windows / cvi, which is a ni product, because the powerful ability of lab windows / cvi, it is widely used in the domain of automatized measure and control

    Labwindows / cvi是當今自動測控領域內廣泛應用的一個軟體開發工具,本文對labwindows / cvi也做了簡介。