senile cystic atrophy中文意思是什麼

senile cystic atrophy解釋

  • senile: adj. 1. 老年的;因年老發生的;衰老的。2. 【地質學;地理學】老年期的。
  • cystic: adj. 1. 膀胱的;膽囊的。2. 胞的,囊的。3. 胞狀的,囊狀的;有胞的,有囊的。
  • atrophy: n. 1. 【醫學】萎縮癥,虛脫。2. 【生物學】衰退;退化,退縮。vt. ,vi. (-phied; atrophying)1. (使)萎縮。2. (使)虛脫。

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  1. Cystic acne usually results in deep pitting or scarring of the skin.

  2. They may be due to senile atherosclerosis.

  3. Muscles atrophy of right hand more than one year

  4. The successful developing of yisheng health care system, not only effectively resolve the problem that the senile disease and choric can easily deteriorate at night, it may also bring the middle and the old aged people with healthy body, plentiful energy and easy & delightful mode

    逸生健康養護系統的研製成功,不僅有效地解決了中老年人的老年病、慢性病容易在夜間惡化的問題,它更能通過每個夜晚8 - 9個小時不間斷的調理和養護,為中老年朋友帶來健康的身體,充沛的精力,輕松愉悅的心情。
  5. Determine of pge2 contact in the senile colic diseases and its significance