serum triglyceride中文意思是什麼

serum triglyceride解釋

  • serum: n. (pl. serums, -ra )1. 【醫學】血清。2. 血漿。3. 漿液;樹液。4. 乳清;乳漿。
  • triglyceride: n. 【化學】甘油三酸酯。

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  2. Serum cortisol response after intravenous administration of ( 1 - 24 ) acth was below normal range in two patients with adrenocortical insufficiency

  3. Interaction of norfloxacin with bovine serum albumin

  4. The identification of primary aldosteronism within the hypertensive population by using serum aldosterone to plasma rennin activity as a screening test

  5. The serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein decreased significantly in the jpqhr - treated group as compared with those in the control group ( p < 0. 05 ), while the number of erythrocyte rosette - forming cells increased significantly in the jpqhr - treated group as compared with those in the control group ( p < 0. 05 )

    結果:健脾清化方組患者的臨床癥狀有明顯改善,血肌酐、尿素氮、甘油三酯和低密度脂蛋白均有下降,而紅細胞總花環有顯著增加,與對照組比較,有統計學意義( p < 0 . 05 ) 。