serve teacher中文意思是什麼

serve teacher解釋

  • serve: vt 1 (為…)服務;為…盡力[效勞]。2 侍候;招待(客等)。3 端上;擺出(食物);斟(酒)。4 服(刑,...
  • teacher: n. 1. 教師,教員,老師,先生。2. 【航空】教練機。

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  1. New york headquarters office staff of 50 rabbis who are ready to serve as account executives for ou certified companies

  2. We must adhere to the principle of making study serve the practical purpose.

  3. We sent advance copies of the new course book to the teacher and the students who were to use it

  4. American educationists with j. dewey being a representative, in pragmatic education theory was against the " teacher - centered theory ". they insisted that center of education should transfer from teacher to children. they also demanded that all measures should serve children

    以美國教育家杜威為代表的實用主義教育理論,反對教師中心、主張教育的中心由教師轉到兒童,要求把一切措施圍繞兒童轉動,其學說稱為「兒童中心說」 。
  5. It is about how a low class triad member ying nick cheung becomes a high school teacher and how he molds the worst group of students in the school back into good students. a triangular love relationship among ying, mei yoyo mung and komatsu serve as the sub plot. obviously the plot is not tenable at all