service and support personnel中文意思是什麼

service and support personnel解釋

  • service: n 塞維斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 服務;工作;公務;職務;事務;業務;行政部門(人員),服務機構(人員)。2 ...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • support: vt 1 支承,支撐;支持;支援,維護。2 援助;擁護,贊助。3 扶養,贍養(家屬);資助,維持。4 鼓舞,...
  • personnel: n. 1. 全體人員,職員,班底 (opp. materiel)。2. 人事(部門)。

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  1. Used to collect diagnostic information for microsoft customer service and support

  2. They value service and support

  3. That means there ' s a business there in selling them service and support

  4. We re zeal quest scientific technology co., ltd, a technic supplier as well as the distributor in the field ofenvironmental sciences, ecology research and life sciences, as botany physiology, soil study and water analysis research. we re not only specialized in the laboratory instruments forwarding on the marketing, but on the technique service with the solid foundation, which are widely equipped in the research lab. also, we ve been cooperating with many most famous scientists for our technical support to both our staff and the customers for years. we do believe that the good service and support will lead us to the future

    2006年12月5日和7日,我司技術人員分別在蘭州大學和中國科學院水土保持研究所舉行了第14和第15期技術講座。這兩次講座圍繞著德國walz公司的pam系列調制熒光儀和gfs - 3000光合作用測量系統,以及美國sec公司的trase土壤水分時域反射儀進行,在儀器的原理操作應用技巧經驗等方面做了系統介紹。
  5. Our potential is persuasive : excellent ability to innovate, uniformity, high quality standards, modular products, concentrated engineering competence across different technologies, centralised channels of communication, global service and support, flexible logistics services and coordinated commercial processing