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  • service: n 塞維斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 服務;工作;公務;職務;事務;業務;行政部門(人員),服務機構(人員)。2 ...

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  1. The paper includes five parts, begins with the concepts of internet, internet education and internet college, in this way make the research position clear ; then present a brief study of the internet college ' s rising and history, divides its development phases by the term of technology and culture, briefly introduce its current situation, such as its scope, organizer, education type, system and fee - charging, etc ; then according to internet college operation process, take four factors to present a detailed analysis, they are : education needs, education service, organization administration and quality guarantee ; thereafter is a prospect of internet college ' s future development ; the technical innovation of internet college, its culture development and the structure of a learning net in a digital time ; finally after a brief summary of the whole paper comes a presentation of the problems the internet college facing in its operation

  2. It begins with the concept description of self - service banking. the traditional self - service bank has been expanded to the facilities and systems, using the physical character of bankcard, providing fund transfer between accounts and other affiliated service

  3. If one of the nodes in the cluster fails, another node begins to provide service ( a process known as failover ). mission - critical applications and resources remain continuously available

    如果群集中的一個節點出現故障,另一個節點就開始提供服務(這個過程稱作故障轉移) ,從而保持關鍵應用程序和資源的連續可用。
  4. This paper begins with the summary of concept model and evaluation model of customer satisfaction theory and its measurement methods, and introduces the measurement model and evaluation indices system used in this paper ; then it explains how to analysis the results by using the matrix of satisfaction - importance with the combination of classify of measurement indices ; and when it comes to the research on the value relationship between customer satisfaction and performance, this paper establishes the shine model, which describes the relation between satisfaction indices, service function and enterprises " activities. then it conies up with the thoughts system of performance management for service enterprises. at last, it analysis " the present situation of customer satisfaction with shijiazhuang branch of railway communication and information co. ltd

    本文先後從概念模型研究和度量模型兩方面綜述了顧客滿意的基本理論及測度方法,並介紹了本研究採用的測量模型和評價指標體系;進而闡述了如何用滿意度? ?重要度矩陣結合按相關性的指標分類來對測評結果進行分析;然後,在研究顧客滿意與企業績效的價值關系時,構建了顧客滿意測評指標、服務屬性和企業活動之間的映射模型;接著提出了績效管理的基本思想體系;最後,針對鐵通石家莊分公司用戶滿意度狀況進行了實例分析。
  5. The walk begins at hk parkview, which you can reach by taxi or by taking bus 6, 66 or 61 61 service runs only on sunday and public holidays from 1 july 2006 to 24 september 2006 from the exchange square bus terminus in central to wong nai chung gap. get off at wong nai chung gap by the petrol station and then walk uphill for about five minutes