service behaviour中文意思是什麼

service behaviour解釋

  • service: n 塞維斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 服務;工作;公務;職務;事務;業務;行政部門(人員),服務機構(人員)。2 ...
  • behaviour: n 1 行為,品行;舉止,態度,舉動,表現,行動。2 (生物的)習性;(機器等的)特性,性能,狀態;(...

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  1. Safe loop switch abscission or apparatus room transfer of an official from field service to capital fast machine switch broken circuit and action

  2. Fares per trip per person are hk $ 220 and hk $ 250 ( for details, please refer to the attached fare table ), including one set of snack and drink per person, a tourism guidebook, cash coupons amounting over hk $ 150 worth of value, one set of three versions cruise vessels 3d souvenir card, complimentary use of the 4 - language tourist information system and a variety of performance on board, for example chinese traditional performance like mask changing, chinese acrobatism, magic and live band show. chartering service is also available

    船票收費每位每程港幣220至250元不等(有關航線詳情,請參考附頁) ,包括小食及飲品一份、香港旅遊小冊子乙本、總值超過港幣150元的精選現金優惠? 、一套三款的精美觀光船立體摺卡、免費享用四語言自助導游設施及每程不同的船上表演節目,例如中國傳統變臉藝術、雜耍,還有魔術及現場樂隊表演。
  3. " although no direct correlation can be identified between bus accident rates and the age, years of service and working hours of drivers, transport department and the franchised bus operators are considering a series of measures to further enhance bus safety, chairman of the tac mr jeffery lam said. " these measures include the requirement of annual medical checks for drivers aged 50 or above, enhancement of driver training, introduction of guidelines on working schedules of drivers, installation of safety devices and measures to monitor driving behaviour, more stringent vehicle examination and promotion of drivers and passengers safety awareness

  4. Introduces the overall layout of the newly developed heavy - current multi - torch plasma welding chamber, as well as the key technical issues during the development and its service behaviour

  5. To monitor demand for light rail services after the beginning of the new school term, light rail deployed more than 40 management staff at busy stops during the morning peak hours in early september. these staff also conducted surveys to obtain a better understanding of the travelling behaviour of passengers. the information collected in the exercise includes passenger flows on platforms, passenger numbers, and service frequency as well as the functioning of octopus processors and ticket vending machines