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  • service: n 塞維斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 服務;工作;公務;職務;事務;業務;行政部門(人員),服務機構(人員)。2 ...
  • profile: n 1 剖面,半面,(雕像等的)側面;側面像。2 外形,輪廓;外觀,形象;型;【航空】翼型,翼(剖)面...
  • management: n. 1. 辦理,處理;管理,經營;經營力,經營手腕。2. 安排;妥善對待。3. 〈the management〉〈集合詞〉(工商企業)管理部門;董事會;廠方,資方。

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  1. This article first analyzes the development ' s situation of chinese medical apparatus industry, and probes into the connotation of crm, then explain in detail the marketing features and main marketing model of medical apparatus industry, and existing problems in the marketing, sale management and customer - service receipt management of medical apparatus companies as well as the needs of crm of them, then proposes the crm plan, and last make tianjin baina medical apparatus company for example, carry into demonstration research, substantiate necessary and feasibility of implementing crm in medical apparatus companies

  2. Customized prototyping - validation service - project management - direct training - docu service - after sales service

  3. The first part of this thesis researches related theories on service quality management, and discusses the meaning of service quality, fundamental standards of experiencing service, factors of service quality, as well as the meaning and methods of service product improvable design

  4. Cniec is engaged in project consultancy, project design, project labor security and hygiene pre - evaluation, project inspect and control, project survey, turn - key service, project management, petrologic engineeringconstruction, mechanical and electrical integration equipment development and manufacture, international trade and foreign economic and technological cooperation in such areas as mechanical, architecture, pharmaceutical and chemical, textile, civil architecture, military industry, power, electronic, building materials, and control over environmental pollution

  5. It service continuity management