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  • set: SET =safe electronic transaction 安全電子交易〈指用信用卡通過因特網支付款項的商業交易〉。n 【埃...
  • price: n 普賴斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 價格,價錢;市價;代價;費用。2 報酬;懸賞;交換物;〈美俚〉錢;(為取得某...

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  1. Then the hedonic price models of residential land and commercial land use in hangzhou and shaoxing are set up using the linear function

  2. Abstract : the almost ideal demand sy stem ( aids ) is used to condition of analy ze systematically the food consumption u rban inhabitants of henan province and a n aids model is set up as a basis to ana lyse the elasticities of demand expendit ure and price ( own price elasticity and cross - price elasticity ) the results show that among the five major groups of foo d consumption , grain and poultry and egg are major consumer goods , 55 of total ex penditure in urban housholds tobacco , lig ur and tea ' s shares are decreasing , as in come increasing all foods have leap out of the shortage , and the substituting rel ationship among the foods is expanding

    文摘:利用幾乎理想系統( aids )對河南城鎮居民的食品消費狀況進行了系統分析,建立了幾乎理想需求系統模型,並在此基礎上進行了需求支出彈性和需求價格彈性(自價格彈性和交叉價格彈性)分析,結果表明,在5大類食品消費中,糧食和肉禽蛋是城鎮居民的主要消費品,約占食品消費的55 % ,煙酒茶消費份額隨著人們收入提高呈下降趨勢.各種食品跳出「短缺」困境,食品間的替代關系增加
  3. But, before the crop is ever harvested, a farmer can buy a contract giving the right to sell an amount of the crop at a set price

  4. A stock option gives the holder the right to purchase shares of company stock at a set price. in most cases, the purchase price is the fair market value of the stock on the date the option is granted

    這一固定價格又叫「行權價」 ,一般等於或略高於授予股票期權之時本公司的股票市價;與此相對應,購買期權項下本公司股票的行為即稱為行權。
  5. First, the author mainly introduces the relevant concepts of the national debt and the national debt futures in chapter one, in which he points out that national debt is produced when the central government launches bonds domestically or borrows from foreign government and banks ; while the national debt futures are financial derivatives marked by the standardized contract of national debt transaction, as well as a way of delivery in which the target bonds are delivered according to the set price and amount, in a specific geographical location and at specific dates