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setting-up exercises解釋

  • setting: n 1 安裝;裝配;裝置;安放。2 (機器的)底座。3 調整。4 整齒。5 銼鋸子。6 配樂;譜曲。7 (果樹的...
  • up: adv (superl uppermost )1 向[在]上,向[在]上面;向[在]被認為處于上方的地方或方面〈如河流的源頭,...
  • exercises: 鍛煉,運動

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  1. In several areas of thailand, for example, her majesty has been instrumental in setting up open zoos and aviaries

  2. " those russians promised us all sorts of things - - tractors, combines, cars when they were setting up their kolkhoz ( collective farm ), " he said

  3. By the ways of setting up community reception day, developing and training a lot of social volunteers keen in public welfare into liaisons for complaints and reports and conciliators for consumption disputes, the points of consumer complaints advocate green consumption raise the sense of self - protection of the consumers ' of all walks, carry out grassroot law popularization and legal promotion, introduce famous and top quality commodities, support the development of the enterprises in communities, make it aims to raise the people ' s sense of protecting consumers ' rights legally and to purify market environment in the communities, serve the civilized construction of communities in the city and economic construction in the communities, to reflect the nature of the people and broadness to the utmost, to focus on settlement of the people ' s actual problems, face the people and bring benefits to them, meet their need for raise living and spiritual quality, endeavor to create new situation for economic and civilization in the communities and villages and towns

  4. The government was actively considering and studying the setting up of a contingency fund to assist the families of deceased patients who died of sars ( severe acute respiratory syndrome ) and patients who had recovered but might have long term effects, the secretary for health, welfare and food, dr yeoh eng - kiong, said today ( october 4 )

  5. Responsible for setting up countrywide premix sales targets