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  • settling: n. 1. 固定;安置。2. 沉澱。3. 〈pl. 〉沉澱物;渣滓。4. 決定;解決。5. 結賬;清算;決算。6. 移住;殖民。7. 鎮靜。
  • bank: n 1 堤,堤防;岸,河畔。2 埂,壟,堆。3 (海中水下的)沙洲,灘。4 斜坡,邊坡,坡度;轉彎。 【航空...

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  1. The bank manager was abducted at gunpoint

  2. Article 62 the people ' s bank of china has the right to check and supervise the deposits, loans, account settling and bad debts of the commercial banks at any time in accordance with the stipulations of chapters iii, iv and v of this law

  3. The payments allegedly made to suppliers for settling the inflated purchases were actually deposited into the bank accounts of chan or his wife, or used to settle chans credit card debts

  4. In the event that the cardholder defaults in payment, becomes bankrupt, insolvent or dies, the cardholder or his estate shall be responsible for settling such amount outstanding immediately and shall indemnify the bank for reasonable fees and costs incurred including legal fees and collection agency handling fees. the bank also reserves its right to impose a finance charge at its prevailing rate pending repayment in full by the cardholder

  5. He accessed the internet page where the money banks advertised their interest rates for intra - day deposits, chose one that allowed repayment on demand, real time, switched to the page of that bank and placed the money, again through the rtgs system, settling the deal at 9. 05 am