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  1. Taiyou kinzoku manufactures and sells bolt - free storage racks, which employ an assembly technology that eliminates the need for welding and screws. this assembly technology makes use of timberwork techniques that have been handed down from ancient times, and which do not use nails or adhesives

  2. Profile > nitto kogyo corporation is the leading manufacture of enclosures for electric equipments, and relevant parts and devices in japan. < products > enclosure, cooling unit, heat - exchanger, fan, louver

    介紹>日東工業株式會社是生產機電設備及箱體、機器的日本一流企業。 箱體、冷氣機、熱交換器、換氣扇、百葉窗。
  3. To taiwan sinko kogyo co., ltd

  4. The japanese company mitsui kinzoku, the 3rd company, has invested in zhuhai, it is one of the world ' s top 500 companies it was located in the naping technology industrial park in zhuhai on january 30th

  5. Our head office is located adjacent to that of the articles manufacturing company taihei kogyo co., ltd. and the staff of both companies supply our products to customers based on a deep knowledge of the subject of oral hygiene