seven certificates中文意思是什麼

seven certificates解釋

  • seven: n. 1. 七個東西。2. 七個一組。3. 七歲。4. 七點鐘。5. 七個人;第七個人[物]。6. 〈比喻〉十分,很多。
  • certificates: 獲獎證書

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  1. Fortunately i had had the advantage of being taught french by a french lady ; and as i had always made a point of conversing with madame pierrot as often as i could, and had besides, during the last seven years, learnt a portion of french by heart daily - applying myself to take pains with my accent, and imitating as closely as possible the pronunciation of my teacher, i had acquired a certain degree of readiness and correctness in the language, and was not likely to be much at a loss with mademoiselle adela

  2. He has sailed the seven seas in search of adventure.

  3. This points clinical conclusion seven on the advisability of keeping antigen loads to a minimum in individuals who have already existing allergic or hypersensitivity disease in the lungs.

  4. Grant discussed these seven phenomena under five headlings: the clonal complex(1), the agamic complex(2).

  5. The current meeting is divided into seven parts : introduce the economy, technology, arrangement, culture and education from abroad, experts items negotiatikn, go abroad training items conference, study abroad items conference, achievements exhibit recommendation, international aptitude certificates exhibit recommendation, international talented forum, foreign talents recuit etc

    本屆大會分? 7個板塊:引進國外經濟、技術、管理、文教專家項目洽談;出國(境)培訓項目洽談;留學人員項目洽談;引智成果展示推介;國際資質證書展示推介;國際人才論壇;境外人才招聘會等。