severe rhinorrhagia中文意思是什麼

severe rhinorrhagia解釋

  • severe: adj ( verer; verest)1 (面孔等)嚴肅的;嚴正的;(訓練等)嚴格的;嚴厲的;(批評家等)苛刻的。2...
  • rhinorrhagia: 鼻出血, 衄血

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  1. They administrated a severe blow to the enemy

  2. How often does severe clear air turbulence occur over tropical oceans

  3. The severe anaphylaxis and renal and hepatic injuries might cause death of patients

  4. Victims of this disease suffer from a severe and usually fatal anemia.

  5. The cuhk and the hospital authority ( ha ) have organized a special service for those who have a medical indication for refractive surgery ( lasik ) - severe myopia ( 8 diopters or more ) ; anisometropia, or a difference in refractive error more than 3 diopters between the two eyes ; and those who have had past corneal surgery such as cornea transplant

    香港中文大學及醫管局合作提供有限度矯視手術服務( lasik )予有特別需要的病人深近視( 800度或以上) 、鴛鴦眼(雙眼屈光度數相差300度或以上)或曾接受角膜手術例如角膜移植手術。