severe rolling mill load中文意思是什麼

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  • severe: adj ( verer; verest)1 (面孔等)嚴肅的;嚴正的;(訓練等)嚴格的;嚴厲的;(批評家等)苛刻的。2...
  • rolling: adj 1 旋轉的;滾動的;波動的,起伏的;滔滔地流的;隆隆響的。2 捲起的。3 左右搖擺的。4 〈美國〉起...
  • mill: n 1 米爾〈姓氏〉。2 James Mill 詹姆斯米爾〈1773 1836,英國經濟學家〉。3 John Stuart Mill 約翰斯圖...
  • load: n 1 裝載,擔子;負擔;工作(負荷)量。2 (車船等的)裝載量;一馱,一車,一飛機。3 【電、機】(機...

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  1. In brief : in this passage you will get knowledge mainly about no. 5 step - by - step furnace equipped in the hot rolling mill of bx steel co. in the aspect of the advanced technique, equipment and know - how

    摘要重點介紹了本鋼熱連軋廠5 (上標# )步進梁式加熱爐在設計當中採用先進的工藝、設備和技術,並提供了各種備件、材料在加熱爐上使用的實際效果。
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  5. Compares with the same centripetal ball bearing, has the big radial direction load bearing capacity, mainly is suitable for the cold hot - rolling mill, working roll support rolls and so on cogging mill