sex-linked ichthyosis中文意思是什麼

sex-linked ichthyosis解釋

  • sex: n. 1. 性;(男女的)性別;〈集合詞〉男性,女性。2. 性的活動[器官];性交;性慾;色情。vt. 1. 區別(小雞等)的性別。2. 增強…的性感;刺激起…的性慾。adj. 性的;與性有關的。
  • linked: 聯動的
  • ichthyosis: n. 【醫學】魚鱗癬。ichthyotic adj.

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  1. Because most stacks are the same, you don t actually have to store very much data - at most a few thousand strings - identifying call stacks and the associated numbers of instances linked to each stack

    因為多數棧都是相同的,標識調用棧以及鏈接到每個棧的相關實例個數需要存儲的數據並不很多(最多幾千個字元串) 。
  2. Genes located on these chromosomes do not assort independently of sex and are said to be sex-linked.

  3. The crowd linked arms to form a barrier.

  4. Taike in the past, had been linked to images of betel - nut chewing, sandal - shod, palm - leaf hat wearing low - class farmers and ill - dressed gangsters, but now it is being extended past that and past the latest hip fashion

  5. In the mid-1950s it was found that fetal cells in the amniotic fluid could be used to determine fetal sex and blood type.