shafting efficiency中文意思是什麼

shafting efficiency解釋

  • shafting: n. 【機械工程】1. 軸系。2. 傳動軸。3. 軸材。
  • efficiency: n. 1. 功效。2. 效率;效能;實力,能力。3. 【物理學】性能。

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  1. The efficiency of this algorithm can be recognized from the experimental results which are attached at the end of this thesis. this thesis ends with the study of the maximum a posteriori ( map ) method with

  2. In the meantime, we could also see that some old industrial bases built under planned - economy system in our country are showing a relatively poor behavior in the innovative efficiency, products competitive - power and district development, although they look like a industry agglomerative region. why is it like this ? do our economists make a mistake of the theory

  3. A history of almightiness banking is phylogeny of balancing the management efficiency of the financial institutes and the supervisory ability of the supervision institute

  4. Transmission gear efficiency of shafting

  5. This thesis gives a brief introduction to basic theory of wind power, construction of wind farm and commissioning and operation of wind turbine by illustrating the 3rd phase extension project of ningxia electric power group co., ltd helanshan wind fram. based on the specific study on the engineering construction and the domestically and globally popular 850kw wtg, further by comparasion of the power output rate of g52 and g58, we can prove that with substitute of new material and new technology, larger capacity wtg will become popular. especially when the running diameter of blades enlarged, more power produced at same wind speed ; and the high efficiency will be further guaranteed if the gearbox, major shafting equipment be checked and maintained regularly