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  1. Female artist brolly, shane

  2. After that, shane battier, whose defense, three - point shooting and general court awareness have made him a coach ' s favorite since college, is likely to see 30 - 35 minutes at small forward

    二是巴蒂爾以其出色的防守,外線的三分投籃和良好的場上意識,讓他從大學校隊時起就深受教練的喜愛,在新賽季里,他很可能會在小前鋒的位置上每場打上30 - 35分鐘。
  3. This was a night when rafer alston had 18 points and 10 assists, when luther head had 22 points and was actually seen attacking the basket, when bonzi wells came off the bench to deliver 17 and 8 boards, when shane battier struggled through a horrid start and made three critical 3 - pointers to keep fanning the flames alive

  4. - he left you ? - mm. for danken shane

    -他離開了你? -是啊,因為丹肯?謝恩
  5. All for shane, stand up and holler