shanghai agricultural exhibition hall中文意思是什麼

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  • shanghai: n 1 上海。2 (上海產)浦東雞。vt 1 (用酒或麻醉劑)使…失去知覺而把人劫掠到船上去當水手。2 〈美俚...
  • agricultural: adj 農業的,耕種的,農學(上)的。 an agricultural experimental station 農業試驗場。 agricultural...
  • exhibition: n. 1. 表明,顯示。2. 陳列,展覽。3. 【法律】(證據等的)提出。4. 展覽會,展覽品,陳列品。5. (英國大學)獎學金。6. 〈美國〉(畢業典禮的)游藝會。
  • hall: n 1 〈常作 H 〉(政治團體、工會等的)本部,總部,辦公大樓。2 會館,會場,會堂;展覽廳;娛樂場。3 ...

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  1. Exhibition hall : shanghai new international expo center

  2. Exhibition of figuline figures by mr. peng wenhong was hold from 27th august - 11th september, 2005 at the exhibition hall of ling nan club at level 5

    在我會會所嶺南會五樓會展廳展出的多項民間藝術展覽- - "心源賞陶"彭文鴻陶藝人物作品展於2005年8月27日至9月11日舉行。
  3. On march 6 this year, jinhua neoplan bus company takes the lead in researching and developing in the serial luxurious passenger buses of " star course " with 13. 7 meters long, the new product has won the title of " the best new bus " on shanghai automobile exhibition which award by baav. national dvelopment and reform committee released 76th announcement that passed through the super senior third grade, that means luxurious passenger bus jnp6137 " star course " can drive to the market formally from now on

  4. This article makes an introduction about the building concept of the jiangwang ecological exhibition hall in shanghai, tries to explain how to meet the need of the society and the rule of nature and one better work is that made them balanced

    摘要介紹了上海城投新江灣城生態展示館的生態建造理念,說明設計應該滿足生態發展與社會發展的需要,好的建築就是正確把握了他們的「度」 。
  5. A doraemon temporary exhibition has come to the shanghai east asia exhibition hall, the latest stop in the famous japanese cartoon cat ' s china tour