she was left alone with her little child中文意思是什麼

she was left alone with her little child解釋

  • she: pron 她〈人稱代名詞、第三人稱、陰性、單數;所有格是 her 和 hers 賓格是 her 復數是 they〉。 ★ 船舶...
  • was: be 的過去式、第一人稱及第三人稱單數。
  • left: left1leave 的過去式及過去分詞。 left on base 【棒球】(攻守換班時)留在壘上。adj 1 左的,左邊的,...
  • alone: adv 1 單獨地;獨自;孤獨地。2 〈用在名詞或代詞后,起限定的作用〉只,只有;僅僅。adj 〈用作述語〉...
  • with:
  • her: pron 1 〈she 的賓格〉她。2 〈 she 的所有格〉她的。3 〈古、詩〉〈作反身代名詞用〉= herself 4 〈口...
  • little: n 利特爾〈姓氏〉。adj (less 或 lesser; least; 〈俚、方〉 tler; tlest) ★ less lesser least 通例...
  • child: n (pl children )1 孩子,兒童,胎兒,嬰兒。2 孩子氣的人,幼稚的人。3 子孫;後裔;(空想等的)產...

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  1. With his mind s eye he looked into her comfortable room in ogden place, where he had spent several such delightful evenings, and thought how charming it would be when drouet was disposed of entirely and she was waiting evenings in cosey little quarters for him

  2. Somewhere she was tender, tender with a tenderness of the growing hyacinths, something that has gone out of the celluloid women of today. but he would protect her with his heart for a little while. for a little while, before the insentient iron world and the mammon of mechanized greed did them both in, her as well as him

  3. She was alone with her kleenex, crying. her two little boys were playing in the back yard. her husband was still at work

  4. She works at a pet clinic and lives alone with her only " true friend " ; a doll her mother gave her when she was a little girl

  5. S was left alone face to face with the vast plain that had never seemed so barren, and the sea that had never seemed so vast. bathed in tears she wandered about the catalan village. sometimes she stood mute and motionless as a statue, looking towards marseilles, at other times gazing on the sea, and debating as to whether it were not better to cast herself into the abyss of the ocean, and thus end her woes