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  • shirk: n 逃避者;偷懶者。vi vt 逃避;躲避;規避(義務、責任等);怠忽;偷懶 (from)。 shirk military se...
  • the: 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • responsibility: n. 1. 責任;責任心;職責,義務 (of; for); 負擔。2. 〈美國〉義務履行能力,償付能力。3. 【無線電】響應性[度]。

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  1. This thesis is planed to analyze and demonstrate this obligation in detail, and tries to clarify the issues below : 1, the differences in the obligation standards among the carrier, the common carrier and the bailee, and the differences in the obligation standards between care of cargo and making the ship seaworthy ; 2, combined with the cases and shipping practice, solving the problems which is produced in fulfilling the obligation ; 3, with the principle of law, analyzing the character of the responsibility which should assume when the care of cargo obligation is breached ; 4, introducing the provisions about care o f cargo obligation in preliminary draft instrument on the carriage of goods by sea and expressing my opinions

    本文擬對這一義務進行詳細的分析和論證,試圖闡明以下幾個方面的問題: 1 、承運人管貨義務所要求的「妥善和謹慎」的標準與公共承運人、託管人管貨義務的標準的區別,與承運人適航義務的標準「克盡職責」的區別; 2 、結合有關案例和航運實務,分析該條文字面所表述的管貨義務的各個環節在實際運用中的相關問題; 3 、從法理的角度分析違反管貨義務所應承擔的責任的性質; 4 、介紹正在制訂的《海上貨物運輸法》 (草案)中關于承運人管貨義務的規定,並提出自己的意見。
  2. This article is main the range, treaty about of the concordat responsibility negligence responsibility, see to default the responsibility with the returning of concordat the principle make some to study, quanta these subjects all have some arguments, text with a view to pass the search in the academic world and everybody among them of concerning subject company ' s

  3. Then in the period of releasing the chinese architectures, whether could the chinese architects afford the responsibility to digest and convert the chinese cultural essential in order to make the urbanization and new rural construction coruscate the extraordinary splendor

  4. If he could shirk off the responsibility upon the others, he would

  5. For one, it is to shirk the responsibility in the international arena. for another, it is to shape the thinking modes of americans within the united states

    這就是一種「排除模式」 ,不去問不該問的問題,一則在國際上逃避責任,另外則是在國內誤導美國人民的思考模式。