shoe hammer中文意思是什麼

shoe hammer解釋

  • shoe: n (pl shoes 〈古語〉 shoon)1 鞋〈一般指鞋幫不到踝骨的鞋子;過踝骨的靴子叫 boots; 在美國也叫鞋子...
  • hammer: n 1 槌,鐵錘,榔頭。2 【機械工程】唇錘,杵錘。3 (會議主席或拍賣人用的)小木槌。4 槌狀物,(電鈴...

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  1. The practical issue of drum brake with oversized overall stroke was resolved by experiments, and it indicates that major effect factors of air chamber overall stroke, which are the drum - shoe clearance, the elastic modulus of lining, the torsion deflection of cam shaft

  2. We have to have some basic things such as wind - preferably a down jacket, climbing boots, alpenstock, piton hammer and mylon climbing rope

  3. An antitrust judgment in 1954 forced the firm to release its stranglehold on the shoe machinery market.

  4. Hiht manganese steel casting is a traditional product line in our factory, the main products are jaw plate, back block, plate hammer, dipper teeth, hammer, crushing wall screen mesh, elbows in concrete pumping track, etc

  5. Boiler scaling hammer