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  • shunt: vt 1 逃避,躲開,閃開;〈口語〉將(工作、義務等)推給別人;拖延,擱置(計劃、討論等)。2 【鐵路】...
  • law: n 勞〈姓氏〉。n 1 法律,法令;法典。2 法學;訴訟;司法界;律師(界),律師職務。3 (事物或科學的...

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  1. Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

  2. As a son-in-law, i abominate you.

  3. But, in the condition of coincidence of law, one of the accusal can make comprehensive criminal estimate for legal interests, continuous offence absorbed offence and continuous offence should adopt the principle of punishments for plural crimes

  4. When provided in this law and other laws, act as these provisions " in addition, the 2th, 3th, 6th, 8th etc. relative chapters in specific provision of criminal law provide the concrete accusal, facts about a crime and lawful penalty for all kinds concrete unit crimes

    本法分則和其他法律另有規定的,依照規定。 」另外,刑法分則第二章、第三章、第四章、第六章和第八章等相關章節條文之中,對各種具體的單位犯罪,規定了確定的罪名、罪狀和法定刑。
  5. The problems of the optimal object and oscillatory during putting in and out modes are analyzed. the relationship between the comprehensive optimize of the control of voltage and reactive power and the partial optimize of substations is described. a new control law of the shunt capacitor bank and the oltc, which is based on the fuzzy control theory and the forecast control theory, is proposed

    本文分析了目前電壓無功綜合控制裝置( vqc )在實際應用存在的目標函數和投切振蕩問題,分析了地區電網中電壓和無功功率控制的全局最優和變電站局部最優間的關系,在此基礎上提出了基於模糊預測控制的電壓無功綜合控制策略,並研製出一套基於工控機控制裝置。