si 中文意思是什麼

si 解釋
n. 名詞 【音樂】長音階的第七音。
Si =【化學】 silicon. 名詞

  • si: n. 【音樂】長音階的第七音。Si =【化學】 silicon.

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  2. 15 si yuan amenities centre management committee

    思源文娛中心管理委員會( 15 )
  3. After the amplication of primer s103, there was a specific fragment about 850bp in t2201 ; after the amplication of primer s74, there were two new fragment about isoobp and 400bp in variant t2202. the amplified prauct of si 18 had a 480bp new fragment in variant t2204. in variant t2203 there were two specific fragments about 980bp and 550bp after ampliation of primer s64

    經引物s103擴增,在變異體t2201中出現850bp的特異片段;引物s74在變異體t2202中擴增出1500bp和400bp的兩條新帶;引物s64在變異體t2203中擴增出兩條新帶,大小分別為980bp和550bp ;引物s118在變異體t2204擴增出一條480bp的新帶。
  4. Effect of si - jun - zi decoction on lymphocyte function in spleen asthenia rat

  5. Cytoprotective mechanism of quot; si - jun - zi quot; granule to stomach and intestines of splenic asthenia animal model