si wang mo ta中文意思是什麼

si wang mo ta解釋

  • si: n. 【音樂】長音階的第七音。Si =【化學】 silicon.
  • wang: 宏弘橫
  • mo: 1. Monday. 2. molybdenum 【化學】鉬。n. 〈俚、謔〉= moment. Wait half a mo. 請等一等。
  • ta: Ta =【化學】 tantalum 〈俚、兒〉謝謝。You must say ta 你要說聲謝謝。 Ta muchly 多謝。TA =transa...

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  1. An interview with dr. wang si - da chief technical officer

  2. Finally, the expert system is used in ming wang ta village, lin county, shanxi province to design and project for apple ' s drop irrigation at the demonstration farm. by the aid of the system, the calculation result, the design result, the drawing of pipe framework, the budget sheet are conveniently gained, and efficiency is distinctly enhanced. the result of this design has been successfully carried out in the test areas

  3. It shows with the increase of the amount of the mo in the si - mo infiltrant, the density of the infiltrated materials with the same performs increased, but the amount of the free carbon and pore also increased. it was the result of the capillary chocking - off caused by the separation of the mosj2 from the alloy infiltrant during the sintering process. after th thermal treatment at 2050, the amount of the free carbon and pore decreased. also. another cause for the unfully conversion of c into sic was the gas pressure. larger than the capillary force

    實驗表明,對于同一坯體,隨著si - mo熔體中mo含量的增加,浸滲所得材料的密度隨之增加,但是,材料中的殘留c 、氣孔相的含量亦隨之增加。這是由於反應浸滲時,熔體中析出的mosi _ 2阻塞毛細管造成的。含殘留c 、氣孔相的材料進行高溫( 2050 )熱處理后,材料中殘留c 、氣孔相的含量大大減少。
  4. Tang hui - jun, wang jian - jun, luo xiu - juan and zhou si - zhong

  5. The red wall hotel gugong hongqiang fandian is only 300 - meter walking along the yanan wu si boulevard to the west of chinese art gallery. some famous scenic spots, such as the imperial palace museum, jing shan park and bei hai park are all nearby. the most prosperous business area - wang fu jing avenue is a stone s throw away