side cutting needle中文意思是什麼

side cutting needle解釋

  • side: n 1 (左右上下等的)邊,側面;(事物內外等的)面,方面;(人、物等的)旁,旁邊。2 〈數〉(三角形...
  • cutting: n 1 切斷,切下;切片;【園藝】扦插,插條;〈英國〉剪裁,(報紙等的)剪輯;(寶石等的)加工,琢磨...
  • needle: n 1 針 縫針;編織針。2 (注射、唱片等的)針;磁針 羅盤針 指針。3 尖巖 尖峰;方尖碑;【化、礦】針...

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  3. The side - cutting motion of the device renders it ideal for this purpose and allows skeletonization of the lamina papyracea. dissection of the frontal sinus remains hazardous, and conventional instrumentation is preferred for this purpose

  4. Based on the cutting force surface model, a polynomial equation of side cutting depth and feedrate is created to calculate the feedrate of each cl data and the calculated feedrate value is written out with the g - code position data block to an updated version of the die - cavity

  5. Pliers and nippers - specification for dimensions of lever assisted side cutting pliers, end and diagonal cutting nippers