sidebar gadget中文意思是什麼

sidebar gadget解釋

  • sidebar: 側邊欄
  • gadget: n. 〈口語〉1. 小機件,小配件;小裝置。2. 新發明,小玩意兒。3. 〈比喻〉詭計,圈套。

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  1. A corkscrew is a very useful gadget for opening bottles of wine

  2. You can activate the effect of " red gadget ", " yellow gadget ", or " green gadget " when you special summon it through the effect of " giant rat ", assuming nothing else occurs that causes you to miss the timing for activating its effect

    你可以發動『紅齒輪』 、 『黃齒輪』 、 『綠齒輪』的效果當你通過『巨大老鼠』的效果特殊召喚它們時,假設沒有任何使你錯過發動它們效果的事情發生。
  3. His favourite gadget is a russian - made rocket launcher which holds 40 three metre - long missilles

  4. The xmt - o high - level scene - creation language lets you add transition effects, 2d graphics, text, animations, and user interaction to your mpeg - 4 show see the sidebar

    Xmt - o高級場景生成語言讓您可以把場景效果、 2d圖形、動畫和用戶交互加入mpeg - 4演示(請參閱側欄
  5. We can do it automatic, just call out go go gadget i ll be your everything,