sierra chica中文意思是什麼

sierra chica解釋
塞拉. 吉紅

  • sierra: 通訊中用以代表字母S 的詞。n. 1. 〈美國〉【地質學;地理學】鋸齒山脊;嶺。2. 【魚類】馬鮫。
  • chica: 基卡

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  1. Working at sierra for some weaselly ex - bookie

  2. This cline exists along a transect from the sacramento valley to near the crest of the sierra nevada mountains.

  3. For example, it said, freetown, sierra leone, has established farming within the city limits to meet much of its growing food demands

  4. Its network grew substantially in 1965 when it merged with the former bank of british west africa which had some 60 branches in nigeria, 40 branches in ghana and eleven branches in sierra leone in addition to operations in cameroon and gambia. despite these acquisitions and expansion into new countries such as mexico, south korea and oman ( 1968 ), both the standard and chartered bank networks were comparatively small

    1965年,因為與英屬西非銀行的合併( bankofbritishwestafrica ) ,標準的網路疾速增加,包括前英屬西非銀行在奈及利亞的60家分行、在迦納的40家分行、獅子山的11加分行、以及喀麥隆和甘比亞的作業。
  5. Per capita gdp is 45 times higher in iceland than in sierra leone