sigmoidal grain-size distribution中文意思是什麼

sigmoidal grain-size distribution解釋

  • sigmoidal: 反曲
  • grain: n 1 穀物,糧食〈英國叫 corn〉; 谷類植物。2 穀粒,籽粒。3 (沙、金、鹽等的)粒,顆粒,晶粒。4 些微...
  • size: n 1 大小,尺寸規模身材。2 (鞋帽等的)尺碼,號;(紙張的)開。3 巨大,大量;相當大的分量。4 〈口...
  • distribution: n 1 分配,分發,配給;分配裝置[系統];配給品;配給量;【經濟學】配給方法,配給過程;分紅;【法律...

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  1. Coated abrasives - grain size analysis - grain size distribution test

  2. The effect of the shape of particles, the density and velocity of feeding, grain size distribution and temperature to the efficiency and precision of classification were studied

  3. The general characteristics of the grain - size distribution of different sedimentary facies, es pecially the variations of the parameters mz ( mean particle diameter ) and o ( standard deviation ) clearly show that the fluvio - lacustrine facies and palaeosols usually become finer in particles and worse in sorting than the aeolian sands

    該剖面不同沉積相粒度的一般分佈特徵尤其是粒度參數? mz 、的變化明顯表現出,河湖相或古土壤通常要較風成砂顆粒細化,分選相對較差。
  4. Bond abrasives - determination and designation of grain size distribution - macrogrits f4 to f220

    粘合磨料.粒徑分佈的測定和標記.第1部分:粒度范圍為f4 - f220
  5. For larger kiln capacities maerz has developed a special patented flap type stone charging system which allows an efficient control of the limestone grain size distribution in the shafts and thus uniform gas flow, a pre - condition for consistent and high quality of the product