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  • signal: n 1 信號,暗號;信號器。2 動機,導火線 (for)。3 預兆,徵象。adj 1 暗號的,作信號用的。2 顯著的...
  • operation: n 1 動作,行動,活動;業務,工作;作用。2 效果,效力;有效范圍,有效期間。4 【數學】運算;【醫學...
  • instructions: 幾點說明

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  1. I ' m responsible for writing computer programs : developing block diagrams , utilizing available software and operation systems , and coding machine instructions ; originating block digrams , working from outlines of proposed systems ; developing file sizes , programming specifications ; determing appropriate use of tape or disk files , printer , etc

  2. Signal priority operation for bus rapid transit vehicle at the intersection

  3. We select ni / cr alloy resistor as element together with ceramic embedding hearth ; select small flat - and - disc heat - even hubby ceramic sample holder, select ni / cr & ni / si thermoelectric couple ( type k ) as thermoscope with threads 0. 5 mm in diameter which is installed in the middle of the holders symmetrically ; select aluminum silicate fire - retardant fiber as materials for heat preservation ; design some hardware, for example temperature controller & transporter, signal amplifier etc ; design controlling curve to heat stove ; and introduce the method of least squares nonlinear regression and subsection function to deal with data. in order to obtain the reasonable operation conditions and operation curve, we have also done many theory analysis and experiment discussions

    通過理論和試驗探討,選用鎳鉻合金電阻絲作為加熱元件,配以陶瓷質埋入式爐膛;選用陶瓷質小尺寸扁平?圓盤均熱塊體型樣品支持器;選用0 . 5mm絲徑鎳鉻?鎳硅熱電偶( k )作為測溫元件;熱電偶對稱安置在樣品支持器容器的中部;選用硅酸鋁耐火纖維作保溫材料;合理選用和設計了溫度控制器、溫度變送器、信號放大電路等硬體;採用升溫曲線來控制爐膛供熱過程;採用最小二乘法非線性回歸與分段函數相結合的曲線模擬方法,進行圖形處理。
  4. Offering equipments and its spare parts. 2. offering technical materials such as installation drawing, operation instructions, etc

  5. Secondly, the operation instructions of the control network technique in the integrated batch control system are carefully explained, especially the details of the ethernet network