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  1. John cusack plays myrl redding, a horse trader who locks horns with a rancher who has callously mistreated several of his horses, as well as their handler, a crow indian

  2. A touching story about a fifty - one year old woma sinead cusack who enrols in the same university as her son matt newton

    故事感人,描述一位五十一歲的母親( sinead cusack )與她的兒子( matt newton )考上同一所大學。
  3. This past summer he starred in the hit action thrillers " con air " with john cusack and john malkovich, and " face off " with john travolta

    兒子: weston , ,與前演員女友kristina fulton所生. enzo ,繼子,為妻子與前男友所生
  4. Jon blake cusack, from michigan, told local newspapers the us practice of adding " junior " or " ii " after a boy ' s name was too common

    來自密歇根州的喬恩布萊克丘薩克告訴當地的報紙說美國人給男孩名字後面加上「 junior 」小或「 ii 「第二的做法太普通了。
  5. After little jon version 2. 0 was born, mr cusack even sent a celebratory e - mail to family and friends designed to look as though he and his wife had created new software

    小喬恩2 . 0出生后,丘薩克還給家人和朋友發了電子郵件以示慶祝,他設計的電子郵件看上去就像他和他的妻子創造了新的電腦軟體。