single ended input impedance中文意思是什麼

single ended input impedance解釋

  • single: adj 1 僅只一個的,單獨的;單式的;【植物;植物學】(花等)單瓣的;【無線電】單工的,單次的。2 獨...
  • input: n. 1. 【電學】【自動化】輸入;輸入端。2. 輸入電路,輸入信號,輸入功率[電壓]。3. 放入物,投入的資金。vt. ,vi. 把(數據等)輸入計算機。
  • impedance: n. 【物理學】阻抗。 acoustic impedance聲阻抗。

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  2. Under windows nt and labview development environment, using the linear fit module, exponential fit module > general polynomial fit module of labview to design a method for fitting the experiment data, the results of curve fitting indicate that the purpose of general polynomial fitting is better than the rest. separating the equivalent input impedance of magnetostrictive transducers without stimulate current from input impedance of it with stimulate loop based on the results of curve fitting, and determining the syntony frequency and electric simulation network parameters of magnetostrictive transducers by this input impedance. finally, with labview network functions, realizing magnetostrictive transducer electric simulation system based on web server and discussing a scheme for this system network by datasocket. the method of this paper can more accurately determine the syntony frequency and electric simulation network parameters of magnetostrictive transducers than the testing method of syntony & anti - syntony. at the same time, discussing virtual instrument measurement system and how to realize magnetostrictive transducer electric simulation network system by labview network functions of network virtual instrument measurement development environment

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  4. The input impedance of the interdigital saw transducer is measured by the equivalent circuit method. the experimental results show that the synchronized frequency of 9. 586 mhz, the acoustic radiation resistance of 44. 6 and the static electrode capacity of 194pf all agree with those design values

    用自行設計的等效電路測量方案,測量了表面彈性波馬達換能器的輸入阻抗,實驗結果顯示表面彈性波換能器的共振頻率為9 . 586mhz ,輻射聲電阻為44 . 6 ,叉指電極靜電容為194pf 。
  5. Voltage : 1n1, 1n2, 1n3, 1n4, 1n5 supports 05 v, 15 v input impedance 250k

    報警方式音響報警: 220v 8w電鈴用戶自備,蜂鳴器儀表內自帶