1. " manolete " is set in 1940s spain and tells the story of rodriguez sanchez ' s passion for sino, which continued until his death in the bullring in 1947 at age 30

    2. The lowest species diversity occurs in the community iv in which microlepia sino - strigosa ching is the dominant species, while the highest species diversity occurs in the community i. in the communities studied, the total related differences vr are from 7. 19 to 4. 95, and the test statistics w are from 229. 96 to 49. 95, which indicates a notable positive correlation among species which have consanguineous relationships each other in the communities and the communities are in a fairy stable period. from the test of the interspecific relatedness among species in the communities we know that s. tsinyunensis present negative correlations with all the concomitance species, among which there are 8 species pairs of notably negative correlation and 51 species pairs of extremely notable negative correlation

      4 )群落主要物種間聯結性檢驗中,對各個群落調查的物種和種對依次為(從群落) : 20種44對、 11種38對、 16種42對、 13種16對、 11種26對、 14種51對、 14種20對、 17種51對,其中縉雲黃芩與群落中其主要伴生物種間全部表現為負聯結,其中有9個種對間聯結性達到顯著水平,有50個種對間聯結性達到極顯著水平。
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    4. Of course you do. we can arrange for you to visit our ever bright cotton mill this afternoon. it is a sino - korean

    5. Sino - europe cup amateur golf tournament in dusseldorf