skeletal x-ray of elbow and forearm中文意思是什麼

skeletal x-ray of elbow and forearm解釋

  • skeletal: adj. 骨骼的,骸骨的。adv. -ly
  • x: X2= (羅馬數字)10 XX = 20 IX = 9 XV = 15 XL = 40 LX = 60 XC = 90 DXL = 540 MX = 1010 =...
  • ray: n 雷〈姓氏,男子名, Raymond 的昵稱〉。n 1 光線,射線,熱線;〈詩〉光輝,閃爍,曙光,一線光明。2 ...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • elbow: n 1 肘;肘狀物。2 (海岸線的)急彎,曲折。3 (椅子的)扶手;彎頭;【建築】肘形管,彎管,彎頭。vt ...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • forearm: n. 【解剖學】前臂。vt. 預先武裝,使預作準備。

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  1. ( 2 ) design of the implantating device : some quantity of 316l stainless steel, perform forging and thermal rolling, drawing filament ( diameter 0. 4mm and 0. 23mm respectively ), enlacing and jointing, after that assembling the products into guiding filum, a technical examination was carried out to appraise their physical capability. the second part : experimental study : animal experiments were used to screen and observe its validity and security : under general anesthesia, tracheotomy was performed on the healthy dog, the bronchus was localized using x - ray fluoroscopy fibrobronchoscope and with the help of the implanting equipment, several niti alloy occludes were implanted into the target bronchus of the dogs through the biopsy channel in the fibrobronchoscope

    ( 2 )推送器的研製:取316l不銹鋼熱軋,分別拉製成不同直徑的不銹鋼絲分別用作製作內芯、外環及車制螺絲,再經纏繞、焊接、裝配成推送器。對上述兩者進行技術鑒定。第二部分:支氣管封堵器的實驗研究:四種形狀的封堵器分四組(上述四種封堵器各12隻)進行動物實驗,分別觀察其安全性與有效性。
  2. Among various fabrication techniques of thin film, the sol - gel process has gained much interest for the preparation of pzt thin film, due to ihe advantages of good homogeneity, easy control of composition, low in - ill i reaving temperature, easy formation of large area thin films pb ( zrxti : - k ) 0 :, ( pzt ) films were prepared on the ito coated glass plates and low resistor silicon wafer in sol - gel dip - coating process associated wi di heat treatment : at different temperatures and characterized by x - ray diffraction ( xrd ) and transmission electron microscopy ( tem ). lt is shown that the pzt ferroelectric thin films with ( 110 ) preferred orientation and well - crystallized perovskite structure can be obtained after annealing at 680 ? for 30 minutes on ito substrate and at 800 " c for lornin on silicon substrate

    Pzt的制備方法有很多,其中溶膠?凝膠( sol - gel )方法可以和集成電路( ic )光刻工藝相互兼容,處理溫度低,有大面積塗敷性能,能精確地控制組分,無需復雜的真空設備,成本低廉,所以對于集成鐵電薄膜電容的應用這種方法有很廣闊的前景。本文利用sol - gel技術在摻錫的in _ 2o _ 3透明導電薄膜( ito )襯底和低阻硅襯底上成功地制備了pzt鐵電薄膜。運用了x射線衍射, sawyer - tower電路和lcr電橋分別對薄膜的晶化溫度,結構和電學性能進行了測試。
  3. Components, structure and surface morphology of the resulted films were identified by fourier transform infrared ( ftir ) spectroscopy, x - ray diffraction ( xrd ) and scanning electronic microscopy ( sem ). the analyses showed the content of cubic boron nitride in the resultant films on substrates was rather high and crystal particles of c - bn with uniform size, smooth crystal plane and regular shapes ( quadrangle and hexagon ) densely arrayed on the substrate

    傅里葉轉換紅外吸收( ftir )光譜儀、 x射線衍射( xrd )儀和掃描電鏡( stm )的測量結果顯示,基底上的bn膜中立方相含量很高,且晶粒大小均勻、排列緻密,晶形呈規則的四角和六角形。
  4. The evahuation of x - ray, b - scan and ct in localization of foreign bodies in the wall of eyeball

  5. The chief results and conclusion thus arrived at are as folloes : ( 1 ) the morphology and electrical properties of indium - tin - oxide ( ito ) films which were treated respectively by ethanol, naoh, sulfuric and oxygen plasma, were studied from microscopic view by atomic force microscopy, x - ray photoelectron spectroscopy and goniometer

    ( 1 )利用原子力顯微鏡、接觸角測試儀、紫外分光光度計從微觀角度研究了乙醇、氫氧化鈉、濃硫酸、氧等離子體處理對ito薄膜的表面性能和光電性能的影響。