skin grafting retractor中文意思是什麼

skin grafting retractor解釋

  • skin: n 1 (人體的)皮,皮膚。2 〈口語〉皮肉;肉體,性命。 3 獸皮,(特指小牛、山羊等小動物的)皮革。 ...
  • grafting: n. 嫁接法;【醫學】移植法。
  • retractor: n. 1. 取消前言者,食言者。2. 【解剖學】牽縮肌;【外】牽開器,牽開繃帶。3. (槍炮的)抽筒器,抽(彈)殼。

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  1. Equipment for the agricultural foodstuffs industry. hide strippers in abattoirs with winding of the skin on a drum. integral safety

  2. Treatment of overtime avulsion of scalp with split thickness scalp skin grafting : 7 cases of reports

  3. The functional parts, such as wrist, ankle, elbow, knee, hand and foot dorsum, were treated with autologous split - thickness skin grafting or complex skin grafting ( i. e. autologous split - thickness skin plus allogenous dermal matrix )

  4. Conclusion it is recommended that the deep burn wounds be repaired at a time with early crust - excision and micro - skin grafting combined with autologous skin coverage or large autologous skin grafting for functional parts, because of short therapeutic duration, good functional recovery and low expense

  5. Burns can often be cured by grafting on skin from another part of the same body