slack way chain中文意思是什麼

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  • slack: adj 1 (衣服、繩子等)松的,寬松的。2 行動遲緩的;無精神的,無氣力的。3 馬馬虎虎的,懶惰的;鬆弛...
  • way: n 1 路,道路,通路。2 路程;距離。3 (要走的)路線;途中,路上;進行,前進;【法律】通行權。4 方...
  • chain: n 1 鏈子,鏈條;項圈;表鏈。2 連鎖;連續,一系列,一連串;(山)脈。3 〈常 pl 〉鐐銬;羈絆,拘束...

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  1. First, my hygienist presented me with a causal chain that was hard to dispute. bad brushing leads to loss of teeth. the only way out is to brush better

  2. Anyone questioning your decision is being insubordinate and disrespectful and probably just looking for a way to slack off

  3. The disquisition includes choice of algorithm, accomplish of algorithm, collection of learning sample, parameter of net, shortcoming of bp algorithm, extraction and reduction form line etc. referring to shortcoming of traditional bp algorithm, a modified learning factor with adaptation is introduced. because of every different font has robust, the way based chain coded and knaggy feature is used. a bizarre sample feature database is constructed for speeding up modified bp learning and classification

    本文對人工神經網路理論進行了研究,探討了網路形式及演算法的選擇、演算法的實現、學習樣本的收集、網路參數選擇、 bp演算法缺陷、表格線提取、還原、生成及字元識別、還原生成等問題,並針對bp演算法的缺陷提出了和實現了改進型bp演算法,使網路學習效率提高,對不同人的不同字型字體有較強的魯棒性,採用了基於鏈碼特徵和凹凸分佈特徵的方法來抽取字元特徵。
  4. With the development of economic, the importance of value chain ’ s influence to enterprises is more and more obvious. thus, the accounting management which functions as value management also focus the value chain ’ s activity, the accounting pays attention to overall economy activity, such as interior, cooperation relationship with exterior parties, extending from internal value management to external value management. in this way, the value chain accounting adds value to the corporation through accounting unique function and method

  5. At first, information security in internet environment is analyzed in this paper, under the situation of an enterprise in jiangxi, in which the implement of supply chain management information system is carried out. then based on some approaches in common use for resolving information security, and based on the fact of this enterprise, this paper from point of view of physical isolation brings a new way named " wengcheng " strategy to resolve this problem