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  • slag: n. 1. 礦渣,鐵渣,爐渣,熔渣。2. 火山巖渣。vt. ,vi. (-gg-) (使)起溶渣;(使)成熔渣。 slag cement 【地質學;地理學】溶渣水泥。n. -gy
  • flow: vi 1 流,流動。2 (血液等)流通,循環。3 流過;川流不息;(時間)飛逝;(言語等)流暢。4 (衣服、...

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  1. Design philosophy of hardware and software is established. the paper bases control algorithm of operator and control program diagram on thorough investigation into truck crane operation reliability action flow, which makes sure of accurate and effective control over handle and accelerograph and achieves test process automatization

  2. Other advantages flow from the system.

  3. Research about the congealed influence of swirling flow congealment on slag coagulant

  4. The flow field of the molten slag pool in the electroslag casting process was simulated by the finite element analysis software ansys, the simulated result was in accordance with the physical simulation results very well

    採用大型通用有限元分析軟體ansys ,對電渣熔鑄體系渣池流場進行了模擬研究,所得結果與物理模擬實驗結果完全一致。
  5. Numerical simulation is dominating part of cat, also the core of this paper. in this paper, detailed attention has been paid on the modeling for flow, heat transfer, radiation, nox production and slag - building mechanism in the face - fired boiler and some testify are done on theory by experiments

    本文應用數值計算對對沖燃燒鍋爐爐內的流動、傳熱、燃燒過程及氮氧化物( no _ x )的生成過程、爐內的結渣過程作了詳細的數值研究,並盡可能結合實爐試驗,對理論進行驗證。