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  • slake: vt. 1. 消除,撲滅(火等),平息(怒氣);解(渴);滿足。2. 熟化,消化(石灰)。 slaked lime 消(熟〉石灰。vi. 1. 〈古語〉消除,平息;緩和,松,停。2. (石灰)熟化。
  • tub: n 1 桶,木盆;滿桶,一桶(的分量)。2 澡盆,浴盆;〈口謔〉洗澡。3 〈蔑稱〉(說教、講道的)講壇。4...

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  1. Stop masturbating in the tub. thanks for making corn beef hash,

  2. In keeping with his philosophy, he was perfectly satisfied with making his home in a large tub discarded from the temple of cybele, the goddess of nature

  3. Deteriorated waterproofing of floor slabs or bath - tub seals

  4. No sooner had she herself entered, laved herself in a washing - tub, and shared supper with the family than she fell into thought, and withdrawing to the table under the wall, by the light of her own little lamp wrote in a passionate mood -

  5. This paper introduces the operational principle and design of high consistency pulper in laboratory, especially expatiating on the significant part, such as the rotor, tub etc