slave program compatibility中文意思是什麼

slave program compatibility解釋

  • slave: n 1 奴隸。2 …的奴隸,耽迷於…的人 (of; to)。3 奴隸一般工作的人,苦工。4 【動物;動物學】奴隸蟻 ...
  • program: 按遺傳密碼工作
  • compatibility: n. 適合,適應;兼容(性);一致(性),協調(性)。

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  1. I used to love to think that i was his abject slave.

  2. In this paper, using the program ( epagpll ), the bored testing pile group of the chinese architecture science and research institute at luokou area are analysised. the comparisons among analytical results of four constitutive models of soil are made, and the deformation of piles and soil, the soil resistance of the piles, the friction beneath cap, the aclinic displacement of the ground soil before piles and the failure pattern of pile group are discussed in detail

  3. He played a key role in both the development and advancement of the president's economic program.

  4. The development of fieldbus technology made lonworks field bus outstanding in all kinds of fieldbus. this paper simply introduces some kinds of common using fieldbus and the important position and influence of lonworks fieldbus in all kinds of fieldbus, carefully describes the technology core of lonworks technology, puts great emphasis on the introduction of the development and design of public security node of intelligent district which adopts computer, communication and control technology, carefully designs the interfaces of hardware circuits. the public security node of intelligent adopts 8031 single chip as its main processor to complete the application program of user, which mainly collects, process and control all kinds of field signal, and neuron chip 3150 as its slave processor to communicate with other nodes on field network, which works under parrel slave a mode

    現場總線技術的發展使得lonworks技術脫穎而出,本文簡要介紹了常用的幾種現場總線的概況以及lonworks技術在現場總線技術中的地位和影響,對lonworks技術的技術核心:神經元晶元、 lontalk協議、 lonworks收發器、 lonbuilder及nodebuilder進行詳盡的描述;重點介紹了集先進的計算機技術、通信技術、控制技術為一體的智能小區安防節點的開發與研製,對節點硬體電路的各種介面進行了詳盡的設計。本文設計的智能小區安防節點採用單片機8031作為主處理器來完成用戶的應用程序,主要負責對各種現場信號進行採集、處理及控制,工作在并行從a方式下的神經元晶元mc3150作為從處理器,主要完成與現場網路上的各節點及中心控制室之間的通信工作。
  5. The sugureko " dvr - dt90 70 " model series are the company s first digital terrestrial tuner equipped recorders, positioned as its high - end models for high quality pictures, and world s first to make use of single - sided dual layer dvd - r disc recording. easy operations with " keyword search keyword timer recording, new program search, and rough genre search " functions were explained. automatic timer recording compatibility with mobile phones pc, with many other features for the whole family members to enjoy were mentioned

    " sugureko "系列的" dvr - dt90 70 "作為該公司最早配備地面波數字調諧器及追求高畫質與高便利性的高端機型,不僅能支持雙層dvd - r光盤的高速記錄,還具有使用高方便性的"錄像辭典"自動錄像功能,並且還配備有pc手機的預約功能,能滿足全體家庭成員的需求。