slide wire中文意思是什麼

slide wire解釋

  • slide: vi (slid; slid 〈美國〉 slidden;sliding)1 滑;(在雪或冰上)滑動;滑倒,滑掉。2 改變位置,脫離...
  • wire: n 1 金屬線,銅絲,鐵絲,鋼絲;【電學】導線;線路;金屬絲網;【造紙】抄網。2 電信;〈口語〉電報。3...

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  1. Conducting wire core : adopt soft copper wire, its performance is accordant with gb395683

  2. Treatment of posterior dislocation of hip joint combined with posterior wall fractures of acetabulum with internal fixtion of absorbable screws and kirschner wire

  3. ( 6 ) the thesis puts forward the pile - top displacement control method, and it can account the least force of the anchor wire on anti - slide pile

    ( 6 )本文提出了錨拉抗滑樁錨拉力計算的樁頂位移控製法,計算控制樁頂位移所需的最小錨拉力。
  4. Strip the wire ends to fit into butt connectors and solidly crimp. slide heat - shrink tubes over the connections and heat them until they cover the connections completely

  5. Status and expectation of pantograph slide and contact wire