slipper satin中文意思是什麼

slipper satin解釋

  • slipper: n 1 〈常 pl 〉 拖鞋;(室內)便鞋。2 (馬車的)煞車;【機械工程】滑動部分;滑屐。3 (小孩的)圍兜...
  • satin: n. 1. 緞子;【紡織;印染】緞紋;經緞組織;經面緞紋。2. 〈俚語〉杜松子酒。vt. 對(紙等)作加光處理〈使具緞狀光澤〉。

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  1. She had whisked away mr. rushworth's pink satin cloak with the instinctive caution as her brother-in-law entered.

  2. Lady lynn was a large and stout personage of about forty, very erect, very haughty - looking, richly dressed in a satin robe of changeful sheen : her dark hair shone glossily under the shade of an azure plume, and within the circlet of a band of gems

  3. Not only the generals in their full parade uniform, wearing scarves and all their decorations, with waists, portly and slim alike, pinched in to the uttermost, and red necks squeezed into stiff collars, not only the pomaded, dandified officers, but every soldier, with his clean, washed, and shaven face, and weapons polished to the utmost possibility of glitter, every horse rubbed down till its coat shone like satin, and every hair in its moistened mane lay in placeall alike felt it no joking matter, felt that something grave and solemn was going forward

  4. Or duchess satin in classic eau du nil

  5. " egad, there s satin, " murmured fauchery when his eye lit upon her

    原來是薩丹在這里。 」福什利瞥見那個姑娘悄聲說道。